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Look After Your Mental Wellbeing With Mind Body Soul UK

Your Local Mental Health Service - Here To Support And Care

"The most self-healing discovery on earth is learning the most effective way to look after your Mental wellbeing"

Cher Myra


A Bit About Mentoring

Guiding You On the Path of Self-Healing

Mentoring consists of a mix of virtual talking therapy and growth development planning which helps a variety of people on the road to self-discovery and self-recovery. It helps you overall to live a happier, healthier and more productive life. Through the use of various methods and measures, we help our clients develop life-changing habits to help them overcome challenges in life. Our sessions are easy-going and designed to teach people how to cope with their personal issues in the most effective way personally to them. We also help our clients effectively with tools which help them to enhance their Mental wellbeing overall. We cater to all ages and have an enhanced DBS check for safety measures; alongside being Mental Health trained. 


Individual Mentoring

One To One *Aged 16+*


Children's Mentoring

Quality Care *Adult Supervision* 

Contact us via our online form for more info or to book a session! Our prices range from £10 per hour for children or £15 per hour for adults! Free weekend sessions during Covid

London, UK

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